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How would you improve access to affordable housing for both renters and owners in Austin?

Vincent Harding

City Council, District 1

Affordability is nuanced. Housing, shelter, health care, food, education, and the ability to get around are some of the basic things that everyone needs. At minimum, affordability is the ability for everyone to access these things. I will seek to address affordability in at least few main ways: Housing, Income, and Infrastructure.

The goal of “the market” is to make money. “The market” will not voluntarily create affordable (less profitable) housing without any sort of incentive. Thus, local government entities must use the budget and bonds to build both affordable and low-income housing by working with nonprofits and private businesses to raise money for these sorely needed developments. Further, supply and demand economics impact housing costs. Additional housing supply will help to slow down the rate of price growth. Missing middle housing can help to provide less expensive housing options and could help to increase transit supportive density. A strike fund can be used to help purchase existing lower cost housing complexes and try to maintain long term housing at a lower cost.