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Please share your experience and involvement in the Democratic Party in Travis County.

Vincent Harding

City Council, District 1

In the past, I served as the Black Austin Democrats (BAD) outreach coordinator and went to youth sporting events, faith based services, community town halls, radio stations, registered voters, and more. I have also served as an Officer for BAD, raised money for BAD, organized meetings and holiday parties for BAD, and worked with BAD for voter outreach. I have reached out to elected officials to help raise money for BAD.

I served as a Travis County Precinct Chair, Secretary of the Travis County Democratic Party, and then became the youngest Chair of the Travis County Democratic Party. I helped pass resolutions, organized meetings, host community conversations, and testified regarding progressive causes at the City, County, and State levels. Further, I went to meetings and events of the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats.

While Chair of the Travis County Democratic Party, we saw the highest voter registration, highest turnout, and a dedicated focus on grassroots advocacy and empowerment. I also stood on principle and for people in East Austin regardless of the pressure I may have faced.

Additionally we sought to use the party to bring decision makers to the communities they served and to provide opportunity for the community to talk directly to those in power. We did this through community conversations on policing, immigration and poverty.