What three items would you most like reform in our current zoning code?

Vincent Harding

City Council, District 1

1) The amount of square feet required in a minimum lot size impacts housing costs. Decreasing minimum lot size from 5,950 should be prioritized in the next code.

2) Increasing the density allowed on transportation corridors and properties directly behind the corridor. It would allow for increased housing units, provide missing middle housing behind the corridor, and protect neighborhoods of East Austin neighborhoods that have experienced rapid displacement and change. Development cannot be limited to East Austin but must be in every City Council District.

Amending compatibility standards to permit additional density and more housing options would be beneficial. The code should seek to strike a balance of compatibility protections versus the need for additional housing supply with a focus on corridor density.

3) Amend the ‘fee in lieu’ option framework to prioritize the increase of additional development of units, and a one-size fit all approach should not be used.

While increasing the affordable units on site should be the priority, the framework should help increase overall housing stock, as it is a necessity and provide both units and money dedicated for affordable units. Increased fees received for additional density can be a way to help provide additional affordable housing units. Additional housing units help to meet increased demand of housing and different housing types help to provide housing at different income levels.