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How will you coordinate with regional partners to meaningfully address our increasing traffic level? What is your long-term vision for addressing traffic in Austin, and what would be the immediate first actions you would champion as a City Council Member to address the crisis?

Vincent Harding

City Council, District 1

As someone that has worked at the Texas Department of Transportation, I understand that the coordination of efforts is important to relieving congestion and improving mobility. Central Texas needs the transportation system of the 21st century that includes various modes of transportation such as cars, rail, buses, bicycles, walking, scooters, and autonomous vehicles. As a Council Member, I would be advocating for dedicated pathways for mass transit. A large number of major cities utilize dedicate lanes to make mass transit more productive. The improvements in technology from synchronized lights to autonomous vehicles will help Central Texas take strides in the next four years. I also support the green line, as we need to increase mass transit and economic opportunities in eastern Travis County. I supported Cap Metro providing free bus passes for children during the summer and should be considering more free and reduced passes. Additionally, I want to increase the number of sidewalks in District 1 to improve conditions for the disabled and children. While increasing sidewalks, I want to ensure that we are cognizant of how that will impact impervious cover.