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Council adopted the Strategic Housing Blueprint last year, calling for 13,500 new units annually over 10 years. This gets us to break-even in terms of need. Would you support amending the City’s proposed Strategic Housing Plan to increase the number to at least 15,000 housing units per year for 10 years, keeping the breakout across income levels and including permanent supportive housing for those chronically experiencing homelessness? (Y/N; Explain)

Vincent Harding

City Council, District 1

Yes Ensuring supportive housing for the homeless, low income and affordable housing, less expensive housing options through density in addition to single family, and additional market rate single family, missing middle, apartment complexes, and condominium is the type of path that Austin should take to address the housing affordability challenges that we face. A key focus of mine is preventing displacement and providing other housing options that can help meet some of the demand for housing and not just rely upon existing homes in District 1. Additionally, improving transportation conditions can also help reduce some of the demand on long-time east Austin residents. Research informs us that in order to meet housing production goals, that capacity amount allowed normally has to be set at a higher number.