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As you know, the City unsuccessfully tried to change the code, what do you believe needs to be done differently to achieve a better code? Will you support working to revise the land development code to provide and allow for predictability and deep affordability? (Y/N; Explain)

Vincent Harding

City Council, District 1

Yes I will work to make the land development code better to assist with predictability and deep affordability. Some of the things that I want to see in the next land development code are: 1) Seek to provide greater density on corridors, missing middle housing behind it, and protect the core of neighborhoods to prevent further displacement. 2) Reform the fee in lieu option and develop a format that is not one size fits all. 3) Work with community organizations and neighborhoods to develop smaller minimum lot size requirements to help decrease the land cost component of the housing compared to a larger piece of land required to build. 4) Clean up the code to remove conflicts and create a clear hierarchy in the next code to rank which section of the code supersedes another section of the code. Internally, there must be a faster way for Departments that disagree to come up with a resolution during the permitting process. A time delay in the permitting process is costly in a project and adds to the costs of consumers. 5) I would seek more housing options across Austin and each District should include their fair share of development. District 1 has received a disproportionate share.