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In a recent poll, residents of Austin cited rising property taxes as a major issue they face, iconic business are having to close their doors and longtime residents are moving out citing rising property taxes. Some have also cited homelessness as an impediment to business. How would you slow or stop the increase in City property taxes, encourage other taxing entities to do the same, and balance the requests for more funding coming from the City Departments and the public? One example of the request of more funding is to expand social service contracts to meet needs, including to provide more supportive housing programs. How do you balance less taxes and increased demand for social services? Please explain.

Vincent Harding

City Council, District 1

An honest conversation about property taxes must include the fact that it is Texas not paying for public education that has been one of the biggest drivers of increased taxes. Thus, I will continue to advocate at the Legislature for changes to the school finance system. Increased development in Austin provides for additional tax revenue for the City of Austin. I think additional revenue should be focused on ensuring that we provide essential city functions and services for those that are less fortunate and/or have historically been not provided the same opportunities as others.