As climate change and fast-paced growth proceeds in Austin, there is growing concern to both secure water supply for the future while conserving a finite resource for our region. Will you pledge to support an Austin future that prioritizes conservation, reuse, and local water supplies, and to oppose actions that would require pumping of groundwater in either the Edwards Aquifer or the Carrizo/Simsboro aquifers east of Austin beyond a sustainable level that matches rates of recharge? Rate your support on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most support and 1 being the least.

Water is the most abundant resource on the planet. THE MOST abundant. There is no shortage of water, there is only corrupted, evil, and greedy misappropriation of the resource. Our animal agriculture industries, our toxic and antiquated energy procurement processes, and our ill-informed lawn-obsessed culture has distorted our perception of the issue. All toxic industrial practices such as fracking, dumping, and other contaminations must cease immediately.

We have the quantum technology to convert any toxic water into oxygenated, structured, vital water for the human biofield. We have desalination if necessary. We have systems to capture and store rain water. We have grey water systems.

Of course, we must protect the aquifers and all primary groundwater systems. We must de-corporatize the control of the resource, and establish a decentralized, non-hierarchical, no-profit regional commission to reestablish smart water practices, led and managed by the people, as to ensure the protection of water for many generations to come. And, most obscurely, we must develop of long-term plan to decommission our dams and let the rivers flow. When we block the water flow, we clog the veins of our planet. We have been naïve to this very simple principle: water must flow. We need a plan to deal with the outcomes of this ecological imperative as to protect human populations.

Rate your support: 10