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As a majority-minority state, what role do you see Austin playing in the long-term conversation around immigration and migrant rights?

Let’s first acknowledge that most of the minority-majority in Texas have indigenous DNA lineage to this greater region of Turtle Island, so we must first ask ourselves: why we are criminalizing existing in areas we freely roamed not long ago? This is primarily an indigenous rights issue clashing with corporatized entity-states firm on their geographic & territorial controls. Of course, we are always responsible to be high consciousness beings who do not violate the sovereignty of others or the planet. Such is the opportunity before us, to create a solid and free system of travel and residence between countries, by being extremely thorough and intentional with detail.
With the Blended Cultural Zones as offered in the linked document, we have the direct opportunity to create the ideal model for immigration-welcoming while simultaneously solving problems for our already local people.