How would you counteract anti-immigrant sentiment to make our local communities welcoming to all?

Public/Private displays of compassion are necessary in times of human oppression; sanctuary city policy & non-cooperation with ICE are inherently temporary band-aids to the larger challenge of immigration law in our country. Beto accurately asserts Texas is well suited to lead the nation on immigration reform. Our cities play a huge role in this transition, and we need to do much more than advocate publicly with progressive rhetorical decrees.
Unity between the political parties is essential. We have published a potential solution to immigration laws that will UNIFY conservatives and progressives, rather than divide. We need to find ways of coming together rather than driving deeper wedges between us. Below is the link.

In short: the solution entails unifying Security and Human Rights concerns by employing a system of extreme vetting for the purpose of providing the most relevant economic opportunity for the arriving immigrant and the maximum safety for all people. We should be seeking to invest training and job-placement energy for all people in order to empower them and most optimally benefit our economy. By providing economic incentives to American citizens for their participation in cooperative assimilation and cultural exchange programs, we will become more unified as the melting pot, and maximize empathy and compassion between everyone involved.