What role can Austin play to improve access to affordable healthcare?

Thank You for asking. I am not comfortable waiting on our federal and state leaders to continue failing while our local sisters and brothers are dying of curable illnesses and suffering from lack of access to basic health services. We need to get serious about every persons’ health in our city as an imperative for public safety.
The first thing we can do is host an Austin Universal Health Care Summit, where we invite the most brilliant health care minds on the planet to come audit our current city health care data to figure out the real truth behind what we’re paying now verses the actual outcomes we receive. Together with their genius, and the collective genius of our citizens, we will craft a policy that meets the objectives of our One Plan, Full Access strategy, and ensure that ALL people of Austin live in the healthiest place on Earth.

One probability may be the formation a People’s Cooperative Health Insurance company, as democratically controlled, decentralized management, completely transparent, and in full service to the people’s highest wellness.

With the People’s Insurance Cooperative we are capable of designing One Plan, with Full Access,(a) We Pay Less (b) We Receive More (c) Everyone is Included (d) Health Workers are Valued
We are wise to employ a holistic and preventative approach to health care. This will include:

Banning all environmental toxins, including in our food, air, and soil — the alternatives are far better for our health, cheaper in the near and long term, and provide Austin a unique opportunity to innovate entrepreneurially for the planet
Prioritizing localized food supply with organics for everyone
Lifting the unconstitutional ban on plant medicines and holistic cures, such as cannabis, ayahuasca, mushrooms, and other indigenous cures.
Providing economic opportunities and financial relief to reduce and ideally eliminate stress