How would you address the issue of declining enrollment in Austin’s schools and bridge the achievement gap across AISD?

The Industrial Age of American Education is Becoming Obsolete — It is no longer relevant to train young people to be obedient workers, it is time to educate free thinking and resilient human beings for a rapidly changing world. We must invest in ALL people to continually advance their own consciousnesses, understanding of themselves and the universe, their purpose and their creative power. Vocational training, high focused specialization, fluid adaptivity, strong Earth connection, distinctive holistic practices across developmental age groups, high emotional intelligence, self-sufficiency and Cooperative survival skills, hands on learning, apprentice/master connections, expand to life-long access and so much more are present opportunities for us to maximize the human species, become harmonious with this planet and beyond!
Free Public WIFI — This is the most obvious and aggressions form of modern oppression and inequity, since in the age of information, where knowledge is infinitely expanding and accessible through the internet, limiting ones access due to lack of money is criminally negligent. We need to own the infrastructure ourselves, and we can do this quite simply: buy and install it.
Immediately Intervene in Curriculum (assert public imperative) — Some might assume any Austin curriculum changes will face potential resistance from the State and the Federal government, however, it’s true that no entity has the right to mandate how we educate our people. Broken curriculum nor holding resources hostage is allowed, nor Constitutional. Therefore, it’s time to redefine how we want to spend our money and time raising and educating our people as they grow. Together we get to choose how to create superhuman potential realization out of generations to come. What an exciting project for us as a city! There are no limits when we assert our sovereignty and power. ALL children will receive the BEST. EVERYONE is VALUABLE and Will be given the best resources possible. It’s time to invest in EVERYONE.
Once we truly optimize the approach, we can accomplish in 3 years what currently takes 12, and the existing AISD resources, infrastructure, buildings, personnel, and of course students are the immediate priority! It’s time to change our education system NOW, not tomorrow, today! It’s unacceptable we allow generations to wait while we get mired by institutional interference.