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Which Democratic value speaks to you most?

Power to the People – My promise to the people of Austin is to accomplish 100% voter participation by the 2020 election. We will accomplish this together in a variety of ways:

(1) When elected mayor, we will host 100+ days of town halls across every neighborhood of the city, to ignite a true connection beyond the buzzer and the towering dais. My job as mayor is to be a servant of the people, and to do this I will truly get to know the people. My promise is to provide numerous opportunities for every single person in this city to have my ear, and collaborate directly with our team on deepening our understanding of what the people truly want and need. God gave us mouths that shut and ears that don’t. It’s time to go beyond rhetoric and into the community driven consciousness. We will continue these town halls at least two days of each week, always out in the community as far reaching as the edges of our municipality area. We will continue these town halls at least twice a week for my entire term in office.

(2) We will utilize the latest advancements in decentralized mobile application technology, with fluid-democracy, rank-choice-voting, full-sovereignty, & Ubuntu-consciousness models. This mobile application is a great way to get the young people involved, and will also be simple and intuitive enough to engage our elders and everyone in-between. We will primarily use the app to begin modeling a method for daily voting amongst the people, so we get in the collective habit of civic engagement on a daily basis. We can then incorporate machine-learning, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and hive- mind awareness to formulate a more accurate sense of hat the pulse of our city is. We have no limits to the depth of how we can engage with people, and since we keep it decentralized, open-sourced, and truly accountable in community, the system will self- correct any conflicts. We are near completion on a very simple rendition of this concept, although we propose we form a cooperative coding coalition to create one with the people of Austin.

(3) We will make it economically possible and culturally relevant to vote. We will increase polling locations to be available at every major neighborhood intersection, within reasonable walking distance from every housing unit; we will make election day a holiday through a cooperative incentive structure made possible by our abundant energy*; we will give free public transit during early voting and election day, plus all of December for free with proof of voting (or anything better); we will host voter education programs weekly at every library of the city for the entire election year, plus hold voter education seminars online, on TV/radio, and in community areas the entire months of February, March, September and October; we will give half price electricity to everyone who votes for the month of January; we will create a new Austin cultural festival, with dancing on the streets, food, music, performances, games, and all out celebration, like our own version of Carnival, centered around our most cherished right to VOTE in this country. Given even this small list, of which every single one of you genius magical human beings reading this could add a multitude of ideas to, it’s clear we have been settling for a unenthusiastically lackluster and boring city council who displays no signs of caring about holding an actually legitimate election for ALL people. We think it’s disgraceful how aloof and neglecting our political leaders are when it comes to voter engagement. They basically only listen to those who give them money; it’s a sick joke. I am here to offer a more human-being-centric style of elected public service.

Frankly, I am the most (small d)emocratic candidate running for mayor of Austin, Texas this election, and likely ever in Austin. I express this with full humility to the ideals of service, also with full awareness that when one is elected to a public office, many entities attempt to manipulate that individual. We must remain true by immediately implementing an accountability system that is grounded in the community, which is the energetic benefit of constant town halls and engagement with people everywhere in the city. The idea is for the mayor to be the point person to highlight and showcase the needs of the people. Imagine the possibilities to use social media, constant engagement, in helping all people connect and share their truth on a wide platform. When voices are heard by the entire community, divine power manifests great outcomes. Speaking is powerful, and when we amplify the voice of every single Austinite, that is when democracy becomes real.

Given the opportunity to help all people thrive in this city and the planet beyond, I will place my entire energy into the work of maximizing the quality of life for every person in Austin, so all of us can reach our highest potential and live our purpose in optimal health and inspired creative freedom.