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Please share your experience and involvement in the Democratic Party in Travis County.

My experience lately has been an interesting dynamic, since I am running for mayor, and some people view this as an “opposition” and “against” Steve Adler, who is obviously a very integrally linked Democratic party person. I am running to ensure Steve’s grandchildren have an Austin to grow up in. I am here for all people, for the next 7 generations.

I am grateful to be included in many Democratic party events, and I am forgiving of those who do not invite me. There is an elitist, exclusionary, judgmental, & assumptive side to many Austin political circles on all ends of the spectrum. This fragmentation is part of what keeps our political process to divided, and illuminates our desperate need for election reform.

I promise you that no matter how powerful or popular within party circles I may be as an incumbent, I will always invite ALL candidates for mayor to EVERY event I am at, and make sure they are given EQUAL time to speak, when we have the elections in 2022. We also need to take very tangible steps toward getting money completely out of politics, as it is a primary root for corruption and destructive policy. When the people are truly given the power, they won’t choose the extractive models.