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Affordable housing is a major problem in Austin. Large numbers of people who work in Austin cannot afford to live in Austin. Many families are moving outside the city to find affordable housing. Do you have any ideas to help create more affordable housing or to make existing housing more affordable?

We must address affordability at it’s root causes: (a) false prior right (b) multigenerational amnesia (c) inefficient building designs/planned obsolescence (d) utility entrapment (e) commodified bodies (f) class system (g) scarcity-currency

It must be established that all NEW development be to maximize the long-term vitality of all people and harmoniousness with the planet. The claim to prior right over land and resources for development at the sole-sovereign directive of the single-lifetime, individual-entity for the purpose of maximizing capital profit, has always proven to worsen outcomes for human beings. This model creates a false perception of scarcity and requires a rarely held access to currency as the basis for acceptance into any experience of abundance, so much so that those who find themselves in it can’t fathom ever risking it to help those without. Our worst decisions come from this deeply rooted confusion over what private property actually means. Our bodies are the only property we ever own, and this a sovereign sacred right. Land and Earth however are blessings we all share, and thankfully for us we are blessed with magnificent abundance, so there is clearly a solution: Empower Every person with the most basic and dignified access to absolute abundance. What does this mean? It means that every person deserves to experience a beautiful, rich, abundant, purposeful, healthy, and vibrant life. Once we begin from this frame of mind, heart, and soul, every decision becomes purely about the maximum wellness outcome of everything. We are capable of achieving this win-win-win-win-win-win-win scenario. I see massive potential in the formation of a development cooperative. The city can support and endorse a third-party, non-governmental, people-owned (1 person=1 point, always equal ownership, total number fluctuates with population), decentralized, full-sovereignty democratically managed Development Cooperative, which will plan and build the solutions to maximize the quality of life for all in Austin. There are several key objectives: zero cost of living, maximum biofield-vitality quality of life, harmony with Earth, vertical density, & single-family neighborhoods.

I’ve included some deeper context I wrote on another questionnaire, because of its framing within meeting the Austin Strategic Housing Blueprint objectives:

MFI framing of the conversation is a crime against humanity. MFI presupposes that because a person does not have access to United States Federal Reserve Note Currency Dollars, they do not deserve a high quality of life. This sick belief system is morally outrageous, and factually inaccurate. Currency is, by design, a scarce resource. Housing, however, is an abundant resource, since it is derived from the Earth’s resources, and subsequently organized by human beings. Once we decide to become a species of integrity and start from a frame that ALL people deserve an abundant shelter, simply in accordance with this resource FACT, then when we come to the table to put the pieces together we will find new possibilities never previously considered. Since when did we become so confused to think that one person’s wealth objectives can unilaterally decide the fate of the majority, or anyone, simply based on scarcity- market factors? This whole discussion is a farce perpetuated by the real-estate and lending industries. What they fail to realize is that they can still make money while ALL people live in absolute abundance; Scarcity Mentality leads to Scarcity Investments; they are scared and they need our compassion, our forgiveness, and our creativity. It’s frankly disgusting to hear people speak about MFI as if it’s some grand egalitarian solution, as if the market is the ONLY solution to human beings having amazing quality of life. Here’s one thing for sure: we can count on the rest of the world to continue this madness, and I am here now co-creating with the voters of Austin: Finally make the choice to become a different type of city, a city of LOVE, of infinite possibilities, of solutions that benefit EVERYONE.

New Funding – Perfect Timing for this, because the next question everyone asks is “well who is going to pay for this so-called abundant housing?” (Well, for one the people might choose to contribute $250,000,000 to the city in order to build affordable housing, which if spent right could build rent-free, utility-bill free, ecologically regenerative and net-zero housing for many thousands of people. More on this later) The key concept to understand is PROFIT SHARING through REGENERATIVE Projects with multiple EQUITY models. Built in Profit Models for vertical dense housing and even single-family areas are limitless in probability, and several obvious options are: Short Terms Rentals, Commercial Areas, & Entrepreneurial Technology Labs. Let’s say for example we build a new tower, the peoples tower, with 99 levels. 33 of the levels could be purchased units, 33 of the levels could be Contributionism-Life-Long- Leases/Build-To-Own/Sweat-Equity Housing units (still abundant and biofield vitality optimizing), 22 of the levels could be Short Term Rentals, a sort of ‘People’s Hotel/AustinBnB, and these will generate SO much revenue. These units will be historic and internationally novel, as never before has a building been built net-zero, carbon-sequestering, utility bill free, human vitality optimizing with natural air flow, optimal sunlight, vital water infrastructure, plus the cultural significance of the community owning and operating the building, with full creativity and unified expression—it becomes the most sought after Austin tourist experience; 11 levels could be Commercial Rental space, plus Entrepreneurial Labs. The commercial rental space provides obvious revenue, and the entrepreneurial labs would be a place for residents to utilize in creating new innovative solutions that solve major human problems and can be exported and sold globally. This revenue is partially shared by the Tower, as a return from the seed investment in the creation of the project. These are just some small examples of REGENERATIVE investment. The revenue stays local, rather than being sucked out by potentially non-local entities, while the outcome reflects the inherent Abundance of the planet, in longevity for long-term human benefit and ecological resonance.

New Regulations – ALL new construction must be net-zero, carbon-sequestering, rain-water capturing, cyclical smart water reuse, incorporated living elements, natural air flow HVAC systems, sunlight efficient, and built to serve the long-term maximization of optimal human wellness. No new gas lines, no new inefficient and environmentally toxic materials. While this does seem unrealistic to some, be aware of that false belief system, and know our assertions are very reasonable. When human beings have the technology to build in the absolute smartest way possible, why would we not do it? Why should we allow a single day further of belligerent inefficiency and recklessness to continue when we can choose to be responsible today? I don’t believe it should take us years to start acting on what we know to be true. Our land development code should literally adapt and improve after every single building we create, as to incorporate the unique and subtle lessons we learn from every new build. The problem with making broad regulations that last for a series of years is that the circumstances are changing constantly; we must always be the most active listeners, nimbly adjusting to the most resonant wave.

New Programs – Right To Return 1st option for Indigenous Families, and for those who have been displaced from Austin within the century. Inclusion and Protection for Asylum-Seekers & Undocumented Immigrants. Equity opportunities for incarcerated people to aid in re-entry. This is more reflects the profundity of our present ability to offer resource access in both the vertical urban density context, and in single-family districts. When we accelerate the completion of crucial transportation infrastructure projects, all areas will be freely interconnected and equitably accessible. It’s crucial we assert single-family opportunity in every council district, as to universalize the range of Austin’s geographical embrace by all people. These will become the debt-free, master planned eco-communities, more modern, custom to uniquely match the needs of each family, more sovereign than we’ve ever experienced in this lifetime.

New and Deeper Partnerships and Collaborations with Non-Profit Organizations – We will strive for the maximum cooperation between all organizations so everyone can thrive. We must innovate our processes without being attached to preestablished modalities, while always being open to new ways of shifting our collective focus in a more positive and unified direction. A major concern that falls on the non-profits is the paradigm of individual financial burden, and the constant plaguing of fundraising, while simultaneously being fragmented from cooperation with various entities who may share aligned missions. We should maximize our collaborative opportunity by minimizing our shared risks. This is why we need Universal Resource Access.

Legislative Changes – I will propose the People’s Sovereign Municipal Zone Protections for Sovereign People’s Trust Authority Ordinance. This ordinance simply acknowledges the rights granted to the people as per Article 2 of the Texas Constitution, which asserts People give original authority to State and have authority to adjust the State to match the sovereign rights of the people, at any time; the 9th amendment of the US Constitution gives all people protections to assert any sovereign right not previously enumerated. Since the State of Texas, incorporated, charters the City of Austin, incorporated, and the people, natural, give the original authority to the State to grant authority to the City, the people have the authority over the State and the City, and the City remains with an obligation to uphold the Constitution of the United States, of Texas, and the City Charter of Austin, which must include the superseding rights of the people to have sovereignty on the land and to have access to the Earth’s abundance, and any entity in violation of that abundance is in violation of those rights of all people. Since all the People are the Earth, any violation to the Earth is a violation to the People. The City ordinance would simply assert that the people have the right to form their own independent, cooperative & full-sovereignty method of asserting authority to develop land for the protection of universal resource abundance across all generations of all Beings. This could be considered a People’s Trust, for example. The city can enter into cooperative protective partnership with people’s trust, and ensure that despite the confusion or shirking of responsibility by the State, the City will do our duty to the people and planet.

Land Development Code Changes – One by One. Real-Time, Fluid Adaptability. This is very simple: All we need to do is identify the most urgent items that need updating and find a full- sovereignty consensus on them one by one. Rather than pass everything all at once in a fully branded and marketed package, we need to settle one issue at a time. We are much more likely to make sustainable and meaningful progress in real time. We need to radically change our approach to the code, to ensure we are constantly abreast to the latest buildings being built, and incorporating real-time changes as per the updated information and new opportunities.

Participation from the Private Sector – There are Unlimited Regenerative Investment Opportunities for private sector. Cooperative, People-Owned, Multi-generationally conscious land development solely for human vitality has a higher yield for profit, but not in charging for the right to live in the housing, rather by stimulating the innovative potential of human beings in the housing. Once we invest in the liberation, wellness and education of ALL people in Austin, we will become a city of 1,000,000 entrepreneurs. This potential could yield hundreds of billions of dollars annually, and with city invested profit sharing, could over time eliminate our need for extractive taxes with this new regenerative revenue stream.

MFI debate is a disgrace to humanity, as we’ve established earlier. While we bicker about how much percentage exploitation we’ll tolerate, we accomplish nothing. The market Is NOT the Solution (that is, with our current understanding of what market means). The solution is an Evolved Awareness of Our Shared Humanity. Our solution could be as simple as all developers and real estate agents experiencing a plant medicine healing ceremony together. Seriously. We need to clear our fear, heal from our trauma, listen to our gut mind, resonate truly with our heart mind, and use our brains in ways we’ve never explored so we can get to work. The time is now folks, we have the choice to make. We need to view our city as a massive shared asset that we can use to maximize our quality of life. In order to dramatically increase the probabilities of groundbreaking-universal-innovations to originate in Austin, we must maximize the potential of EVERY single human in our community. This means we must eliminate the cost of living, ensure every person has free vital water, organic foods, optimal shelter, freedom of transportation, and full access to limitless education and advanced technologies. We need to build a system that gets rid of our costs, eliminates our internal risks, and optimizes our potential of becoming the most innovative and prosperous place on Earth, to become the model for the planet. This is possible in completion within 10-12 years, given I am elected mayor along with a conscious & collaborative council, so we can decentralize the hierarchy and SERVE the people and the planet we are so blessed to inhabit. We have a very clear choice to make. I am serious about everyone benefiting; it’s time to become a better version of ourselves.

I would not be running for mayor if I was just going to support the same old antiquated models the rest of the extractive system employs, the same our elected officials espouse, and our industries aggress; the lackluster reactionary policy-leeching steered by limiting beliefs, scarcity- mentality, & lack of imagination, while mired by ego-driven deafness of the heart.

If You’re Against this, it’s because you want to exploit the people for Profit. That would constitute a violation of the sovereign rights of people, and we must protect all people.

Given there is a strong desire for real estate developers to build things in Austin for their personal profit, and given that up until this point all of that development has made our problems worse while violating the people and the Earth, it is now time to support a cooperative approach for Regenerative Real Estate Investment. By shifting our focus onto investing in the wellness of the people, we are therefore investing in the innovative and entrepreneurial potential of our people, and further maximizing our profit potential. Charging a person for shelter is such a primitive way to invest resources into driving human housing behavior. We need to think bigger, and invest in the liberation of people to unleash their true innovative potential. There is always cooperative opportunity for investments, and anyone in Real Estate should not be afraid of me. I am giving you MORE opportunity to invest, with bigger profits while becoming more fulfilled. Everyone will make MUCH more money together when we are ALL thriving. This is an evolved understanding of the market, remember! Let’s not limit ourselves any longer! Let’s all become abundant rock stars and be the city of the future. Austin is our collective, cooperative business. Let’s eliminate cost and risk, and maximize quality of life and profits for all of us. (This of course corresponds directly with our Whole-System approach of Universal Resources, utilizing the newly available energy technologies, as well as Ubuntu-Consciousness cooperative networks.)