A respected University of Texas study has found that Austin is the only high-growth city that is losing African Americans, both in terms of numbers and percentage of the total population. Do you consider this a problem? If so, what would you do to reverse or stabilize the decline?

Nelson Linder mentioned it’s going up, just shifting areas or some other factors he can address. However, the commonly cited data is pointing to a larger trend about displacement and environmental factors of the institutions that are directly putting stress on our local African American community. This is a major problem, and it affects all of us when any of us struggle. We are only as good as we treat those in need, and right now our city needs a lot of work. We must wake up the political and industrial systems to the quantum effect of this behavior, which starts with high-consciousness voting choices.

This is why my entire platform is designed to acknowledge the fact that ALL people deserve access to Mother Earth’s abundantly gifted resources. We are still living with a centuries-old societal structure that confusedly and devastatingly forces people to pay to live on Earth, and claims prior right to the land and resources for industrial rights. What I am proposing is very reasonable and simple: everyone deserves to live their best life. We have the tools, the technology, the resources, the human power, the creativity, and the heart to build a system where EVERYONE can thrive; Now we need to develop the belief that we CAN, and then muster up the WILL to create abundance for everyone.

It is possible to design a system of Universal Resources, where Water, Food, Housing, Healthcare, Transportation, Energy, Education, & Telecommunications are all FREE to the people, because we’ve designed the system in such a smart and sustainable way, and this is possible within the next 10-12 years, if we get started right away in 2019, and I have the energy and vision to deliver. Our solution resonates with immense compassion and forgiveness for those individuals and entities who have been implementing the destructive, extractive systems, and the best transition to this new reality is through cooperation, where ALL people Thrive. No one will be harmed by this new system, and when we are all FREE and thriving, we will all make more profit together, more than would ever be possible in this current system. It’s time to upgrade our entire city.

Housing – We will identify major single-family home zones in each district across the city, and we will declare these developments for the multi-generational vitality of all people. We will have a variety of creative ways for ALL people to get housing, and it will be the BEST for everyone, completely net-zero, carbon-sequestering, natural air flow, healthy sunlight, rainwater/smart water use, zero utility bills, biofield-optimizing, and designed CUSTOM for each family, to give everyone the best quality of life. This is possible through the Ubuntu Contributionism cooperative opportunity, with creative financing options and contribute-to-own models. We will have opportunities for all people to get an amazing place to live, that is free after they move in, with a strong community, close to public transit, and with options for this in each district. Crucially, we must offer the 1st option Right To Return to any indigenous people who were displaced from any part of Turtle Island, and to any Austinites displaced by tax burdens or other environmentally toxic and oppressive structures within the last century. We will have HOUSING FOR ALL.

Transportation – Our city does not feel like a free city, since the traffic congestions, high costs of travel, lack of options, and parking blockades all contribute as just some of the many factors making Austin a difficult place to get around in. One example we can all relate to right now is 183-Montopolis-291 area…and these kinds of intersections are all around the city. It literally takes 7 or 8 cycles sometimes to get through one light. And the strangest phenomenon is when you drive by and see about 10 people working, and empty trucks sitting in the side of the road, conveniently providing advertising and rental fees from a builder… Bottom line: it takes WAY too long to get transportation infrastructure built. Our vision is to accelerate the construction of transportation infrastructure projects through a mass cooperative and highly organized effort. One probability is we recruit a group of 10,000 citizen volunteers, who, in exchange for free electricity, tax exemptions, and/or any other community-originated full-sovereignty-consensus-derived incentive, volunteer their time, energy, or resources into the project; only one partial day per week is likely needed. This mass labor force, led by industry experts, will be organized into micro-teams, tasked with carrying out one very specific operation in the entire plan, and over the course of the weekend training sessions, they learn everything about safety, procedure, technique, etc… The preparation period will be vital, as over the course of 12-16 weeks the experts and teams will become highly prepared for their single, simple, moment. This preparation will take place without disturbing the public flow. Once ready to commence the project, the 10,000 strong volunteer contribution team will execute their tasks in perfect order over the course of 2-3 weeks, with 24/7 work being done, rotating waves of teams moving through to accomplish simple steps. One by One.

This method allows us to complete the mass amount of pedestrian, urban rail, bike/scooter, bridges, roadways and intersections infrastructure we need to get done! If we keep dragging our feet with the old way, generations will pass before we can build a sidewalk! It’s time to accelerate through cooperation! ☺