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Why do you identify as a Democrat?

I voted for the Democrat party for my first election in 2008, abstained from midterms due to dissolution, then for Ron Paul in the 2012 primary, then abstained in the 2012 general and 2014 midterms due to dissolution, and then voted for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primary, and for Jill Stein in 2016 general; I voted Democratic in the primary in 2018, and will be voting for Lupe- Beto-Oliver likely on down the ticket for some good Democrat party folks I’ve met during this campaigning process. So, mostly, I’ve voted as a Democrat.

However, I am not a Democrat. I am not affiliated with any party for a variety of reasons. Reasonably, the role of mayor is of a non-partisan affiliation, to not focus on party-politics but rather serving the needs of all people coexisting in harmony. The role of mayor is to transcend division and bring people together. If Austin is to truly become a harmonious family, we do not need a mayor who creates the appearance of nationally-linked partisanship, especially given the deeply corrupt and abhorrent behaviors of both major national parties. This is a true reflection we make out of self-love, so as people who align with particular views can come to terms with the mistakes of our past and make better choices today.