Ensuring equitable access to quality parks for all Austinites is a key priority for Austin Parks Foundation. How might you work as a decision-maker for both your district and the city as a whole to move the needle on equitable access to quality parks?

I am truly saddened by the condition of most of our parks. There is an enormous amount of garbage in the creeks, parking areas, grass (micro-plastics), and generally pollution across the entire city (as well as in the air, of course). This is not an indictment on any one individual. I only point this out because we are offering a solution: Incentivized Volunteer Contributionism – Simply, we have tools, either through elimination of utility costs, tax exemptions, or any other relevant and consensus-reached benefit, to incentivize a group of people in our city to become the Greater Good Coalition of Valued Leaders in Our Community. These are people who will be given dignity, respect, and recognition for their contributions, who will help us for ALL sorts of activities that benefit the community. We will transcend the limited thinking of the past and move inspired into the future, unified as one tribe with a greater mission, all while using the tools of our current paradigm to solve the problems of this very same paradigm!

One OBVIOUS opportunity we are missing in our parks is Cooperative Organic Farming. I’m not talking about the wimpy community garden, I’m talking about a very dedicated micro-farm within walking distance from every home. We can incentivize our cooperative respected leaders to join in the procurement of this project. Experts will be nominated to lead on logistics, while volunteers circulate to provide energy and momentum. This can be applied to ANY type of community benefit project. This is of vital importance; The only communities who are truly resilient are those who are food-sovereign.

This touches on all levels of addressing the major inequities in our city. Most low-income households have little or no of health care nor access to healthy foods. We remove the environmental toxins by cleaning pollution and diet, we strengthen the preventative medicine, which overall boosts physiological optimization and creativity. Folks will be more inspired, more energetic, happier. Most struggle with extremely high utility costs and many are threatened with tax-induced displacement, and for them the incentives for voluntary contributions will greatly benefit their households’ economic opportunity. This is an investment we will get a human-being-vitality return on.

P.S. This is made easily financially responsible by the immediately available implementation of quantum renewable technology at exponentially higher output, lowest market cost, and smallest acreage footprint.