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Do you consider parks an important community asset? Why?

I hope it’s obvious I value parklands immensely. I am intent on protecting the Earth, as I do believe we are capable of cohabitation as massively densified populations while still being resonant with the planet and completely non-toxic to the environment. Currently, we are toxic. Now we have major problems. Virtually 99% of our land development code is not utilizing optimal earth-resonant materials and methods. We’ve built up our city like a bunch of careless dodos. Again, not an indictment on any individual, just a true observation to which we can awaken, so we can more quickly unify our approach and make better decisions.

Parks contribute heavily to our feelings of oneness with the Earth, as our line of sight plays strengthens our intrinsic-trust in our safety and overall sense of being grounded. Parks remind us who we are as native beings to this planet, especially amidst this petrol-concrete mega-foundation City we’ve laid over top. We need as much park space as we can have, while densifying our urban spaces using green architecture. There’s no reason why our skyscrapers shouldn’t double as massive trees. We have the technology to build net-zero, carbon-sequestering, air-purifying, human-biofield-optimizing, soul-enriching, nature-resonant, modern and visually spectacular skyscrapers. So, what are we waiting for? Isn’t it obvious yet? VOTE! 🙂