What’s your favorite park in Austin? Why?

Thank you for asking this question 🙂
St. Edwards park uniquely mystifies me. There is an ancient feeling to that swimming hole, as I feel connected to dimensional generations of people drinking and bathing in that very spot. The trees happily envelope me in a cozy corridor, as the wind hums a sweet tone of cozy contemplation. I feel inspired to pay homage to the Texas Rowing Championships, The Heart of Texas, and Pumpkinhead Regattas, all of which I rowed in from 2003-2007, on what was then called Town Lake. Our Jesuit Crew most often earned the gold medal, as we learned who we were and what we were capable of. I am eternally grateful for the lessons our river has taught me, and for the humans who shared in that experience. I am committed to honoring and protecting our sacred waters. It’s worth noting the universal significance of Zilker Park to so many people across the world with regard to Austin City Limits, a major catalyst for our international recognition as a celebration town. Of course, we locals enjoy it as a multi-species recreational mecca. The way Zilker feels on a holiday (or weekend) is beautifully free and peacefully chaotic, as we all cohabitate in a multitude of stranger-neighbor micro-communions. There is a distinctly Austin feeling that emanates from our exact cultural iteration of a park. This experience we envision to be universally shared for every person of our
city, everyday, and in every neighborhood. We envision a truly free city for ALL.