One of the best ways to make Austin more affordable is to ensure we have a diverse set of industries which provide local, skilled and the hard-to-employ talent the opportunity to compete for jobs that have a career ladder. The Austin City Council is considering adopting a revised economic incentive policy, expanding the previous one-size-fits-all policy. If the Austin Chamber of Commerce presents a company that meets the criteria for an incentive as set by City Council policy, will you vote to support incentivizing jobs for both small operators and large in our city? How will you monitor success with the provision requiring employment of the hard-to-employ?

I will not support any financial incentive for any company until we have eradicated homelessness, eliminated poverty, DE-commodified the earth, and provided Universal Resource Access for All People. However, this must not be interpreted as me being against anyone. I am FOR the People. I am FOR Everyone and Every Being. If the Chamber of Commerce can present a cooperative agreement with a company that results in REGENERATIVE investment in our community, enriches Austinites in body, mind, spirit, community, and commerce, I will support it.