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In a recent poll, residents of Austin cited rising property taxes as a major issue they face, iconic business are having to close their doors and longtime residents are moving out citing rising property taxes. Some have also cited homelessness as an impediment to business. How would you slow or stop the increase in City property taxes, encourage other taxing entities to do the same, and balance the requests for more funding coming from the City Departments and the public? One example of the request of more funding is to expand social service contracts to meet needs, including to provide more supportive housing programs. How do you balance less taxes and increased demand for social services? Please explain.

As must be clearly stated: We need a system that provides the most abundant social services and does not require taxation. We need new revenue sources that are REGENERATIVE in nature, not extractive. I am certain this is possible when we view ourselves (people who live in Austin) as equal owners in the big business called City of Austin. The 10-12 year plan is to eliminate the cost of living and maximize quality of life. Throughout the transition period, we will need programs that (1) Immediately benefit people participating (2) provide long-term replacement revenue that is more sustainable and (3) eventually relieve funding from taxes and extractive methods. Cooperative Profit-Sharing Business Alliance – This is essentially a parallel revenue stream for the decentralized peoples; Fund which will eventually (over perhaps centuries?) replace the need for government altogether. However, we are here NOW and WE need REGENERATIVE REVENUE Streams. Our current government provides all ‘services’ (hmmm…rendered like a business) to us at the cost of EXTRACTIVE methods, like taxes, tolls, tickets, fines, fees, and all manner of grievances. It’s a stupid, unsustainable, and non-resilient method, and unfortunately were addicted to it like a bunch of Tax Addicts. So, we need a Parallel system of generating revenue for a PEOPLE’s FUND, that will transitionally and methodically transition the expenses that government is tasked with handling. Like…dealing with all our sewage, trash, and everything else. Especially in the areas of public health, education, and community infrastructure we are lacking heavily. Our governments have very little heart, because there is always “not enough money” according to them. Well, let’s just work together on the weekends and come up with some amazing shit and then sell it to the world and make billions of dollars. Imagine the possibilities for cooperative people-owned profit sharing businesses: social media apps that don’t invade your privacy, are tokenized, protect your data, offer more intuitive features; ANY hemp derived-product including building materials, food, cleaning supplies, plastics, medicines, and so much more; advanced material sciences for global solutions in replacing environmentally catastrophic micro-petro-plastics (which Adler and Morrison have kept alive btw); advanced healing modalities and medical innovation; new defense technology that temporarily debilitates and detains but does not maim or kill; new energy technology; energy storage innovations (perhaps we can reverse the toxic carbon process of the Fayette coal plant, as some have suggested, to explore a graphene storage); electric vehicle and autonomous roadway tech; and so on… Basically we find an agreement that we will pool resources, the city will provide space and the network, and the people will redefine our perceived limitations of experience in this universe. Then we profit share when the product is created. Perhaps one model can be thirds: 1/3 to the People (all citizens equal profit sharing); 1/3 to the People’s Fund (for new projects and funding social services); 1/3 to the investors/equity contributors who made the project possible. Doing this in a whole system approach makes the benefit undeniable; When every citizen at least receives a partial share of the entire profit, it deepens our connection to the importance and relevance of our cooperative ventures. The People’s Fund is obvious as we need more money to invest. The investors might mean they invested with a building, land, resources, money, intellectual property, or equity contribution to the project, meaning they were one of the people who actually worked on the project. All that is required of the Contributors to do is give 3-6 hours per week, and we rotate and spread the burden of labor, so many of us work a little, and get high return from that investment. Each contribution is tied to the Free electricity (or other full-sovereignty community consensus derived incentives) and an earning of the parallel and simultaneous currency, the Austin Coin (below). So the benefit is immediate, and because the projects are decided by the people based on what is the most viable for maximum profit, the imperative for maximum success excites the energy of all sorts of people. Everyone can contribute in some way, and everyone is welcome in the entire Cooperative People Owned Profit Sharing Business Alliance. All citizens have equal ownership of this “company”. Doing it this way, the thirds model, which is very inspired by the Ubuntu Contributionism One Small Town model, makes it simple. Our current extractive budget is over $4,000,000,000. Perhaps after 2-3 years of the cooperative business alliance, the regenerative profit sharing could generate more than that. Given if we are able to solve such massive world problems, and then export those solutions to the world, we will make hundreds of billions. $100,000,000,000 – Imagine that budget. Imagine that profit sharing. Imagine a city of economically FREE millions of people – no taxes, no costs, all profits, all solutions, all abundance. Basically, if we make Austin one big company that we all equally own, we can outperform anyone in the entire global market. This is an evolved form of capitalism, a cooperative and dignified capitalism, because it celebrates the highest potential achievement of every single human being. Every person is their own genius. This way, when we export this model to the world, it will be in unity, in peace and cooperative spirit, and we will simply illuminate the planet with abundance. So most people have a hard time believing that is even possible, because they have such little love for self that they don’t believe in their own abilities, and this creates a belief system that distorts what is possible. We must expand ourselves and lift each other up. The mayor is ALWAYS supposed to encourage the highest possible ideas, and perpetuate a belief system of YES ALL IS POSSIBLE, anything less won’t cut it. WE NEED THE BEST MINDSET. Also, a great thing about this system is that is completely Parallel to the current system and it does not extract anything from our current so-called economy. This is ALL regenerative investment! The Austin Coin is a very interesting tool we may use in a very similarly linked way to our Contributionism Volunteer Network and the Business Alliance, in that each time a Contributor ‘logs’ a ‘time segment’ (3-6 hours), they create a Token/Coin = 1 AustinCoin. This AustinCoin is theirs. A twin AustinCoin is created from theirs in real time, and this goes to the people’s fund. These AustinCoins are not meant to be ecahgend to access resources for the locals, but rather to act as equity tokens in the building of Austin’s growing cooperative super-abundance. This abundance will be like nothing the planet has seen, and will generate lots of value around this token. This is the first Abundance currency (not scarcity), because everyone earns it the same way, only one way, no ones labor can ever be taken advantage of, and the speculative trading value of the token can never decrease the abundance of the local holders of that token. AustinCoins can ONLY be purchased during a limited trading window, perhaps the first week of every fiscal year. Local Austin residents who create AustinCoins, and then the People’s Fund, can sell their AustinCoins if they choose. If no one sells the first year, it just becomes that much more in demand. Each trading window after the other could be a boon for local residents. Those who are able to buy AustinCoins on the open exchange may see very promising returns over several years, much like many did with Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the AustinCoin is actually linked to projects and tangible value of living. Spectators could buy at 1 AustinCoin = $0.00453, and in several years it could be 1 AustinCoin = $4762.37. For a local resident, if they only work 1 segment per week (which will get them free benefits and more) they will have created 52 AustinCoins in a year. If someone saves them over 5 years of the project at $4762.37, they have $1,238,216.20 . Even if it takes 10 years to get there, this is literally a way we can utilize Cooperative Abundance to generate massive Financial Wealth for ANY person in Austin. Universal Resource Access + Cooperative Profit Sharing Business + AustinCoin = a city of millions of free millionaires, all living their purpose in maximum abundance