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Austin has experienced growth but some constituencies have been left behind. What is your vision for the City’s role in funding/supporting the nonprofit network that provide much needed social services? What is your plan for addressing disparities and inequities in our community?

Much of what I have already outlined will eliminate the need for a nonprofit organization addressing social inequities, over a period of 10-12 years. What we can immediately provide for ALL non-profits is Free electricity, property tax exemptions, facilities, technology and mass amounts of volunteers. This will give more value and boost their efforts more than an increase in fundraising burdens. We are offering to maximize quality of life for all people, to build resilient systems that truly make our city free, innovative, and expressive. There is no scarcity or fear. There is only abundance and love. We must transcend the low vibration of dependency and lack, unsustainability and extraction. It’s time for a new reality on this planet. The Earth needs one city to step up and do this, I believe that city is Austin and I believe the time is NOW.