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Solutions to homelessness exist – they require scaling up social services and housing programs, including the pathways from shelter to housing. To date, Austin has not identified adequate funding to address this challenge. How would you work to identify the funding needed?

There are many solutions to homelessness. Let’s build houses. Let’s provide opportunity for healing and resilience, self-reliance, education, technology, and cooperative community led efforts. We need to address the root causes and eliminate the need for a homeless shelter altogether. We should not become used to the band-aid, we must eliminate homelessness forever, and then we must export our solutions and good will to the rest of the world. Poverty is a construct we all choose by the people we vote for. We have continued to vote for profit before people, and that is why homelessness exists still. If our elected officials wanted homelessness to end, it would have already happened. I am promising SHELTER FOR ALL.