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What is your collaborative vision when working with other governmental entities (Travis County, State of Texas, Central Health, etc.)?

We are here for ALL beings. This planet is shifting to a higher consciousness, and WHEN we choose to operate in higher vibration with prime resonance, we will more naturally fit into a cooperative mode. Cooperation is the highest form of existence on our planet, and the fundamental operating code of our universe. Everything is cooperation, even amidst the paradox of life and death. Conservative and Progressive coexist in nature; We conserve to protect progression. It’s very simple. Now, when it comes to public safety and protection of Constitutional Rights, the State, County, and City are failing. We need to become honest, truthful, and factual with ourselves, and come to terms that we must all share this Earth, and that our interests are shared in protecting this planet. If any entity gets in the way of that, we will, as per being sovereign beings of Earth, as per our authority in the Texas Constitution and United States Constitution, assert that no entity can violate this authority. This includes all branches of government. There is always common ground to find, there is always the opportunity for LOVE to prevail. The choice is ours.