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Would you support a policy requiring the City’s Development Services department to achieve its goal of 90% permit review completion within 15 business days across all departments/disciplines by April 2019? (Y/N/Explain)

Yes. This is a reasonable timeframe; we can approach this with “beyond policy” mentality, meaning we may quickly implement the necessary improvements by implementing immediate efficiencies in Development Services on a personnel level. Our greatest investment for efficiency is investing in the people on our team. It is free to empower them to be their own leaders, to allow their workplace to reflect their inherent sovereign authority over their creative command and productive potential. We must Believe in our team more than they believe in themselves, until one day they truly do believe it. (note: quantum physics) We have a unified mission of achieving our objectives, and when every member of the team understands their WHY in the core of their Being, and they are powerfully connected to the work in our community, we will see miracles happen. Through this process we cooperatively transcend hierarchy, recognizing each person’s power of authority to lead and accomplish greatness. The best part: it’s free to Believe in Each Other. Quarterly retreats, workshops, book clubs, & healing ceremonies are just some very simple ways to energize a team. Let’s explore the potential of a strong team approach!