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As you know, the City unsuccessfully tried to change the code, what do you believe needs to be done differently to achieve a better code? Will you support working to revise the land development code to provide and allow for predictability and deep affordability? (Y/N; Explain)

Yes. Assert Land Development Authority for Multi-Generational Vitality-Maximization for ALL Humanity — We should no longer allow the crime of single-lifetime profit-centric entities unilaterally determining the development of land that is geologically and culturally designated for the maximization of urban density and quality of life for large populations across many generations. This farce of prior right is the root cause of the housing and affordability crisis, because these real estate developers are solely focused on the maximization of profit, despite the obvious and indisputable environmental destruction of their materials choices, building practices that exploit labor, lack of bio-field optimizing design, and the denial of basic facts about our planet’s abundance. This greed-driven focus causes a multigenerational crisis, since future generations will have to clean up the mess. This results in a major failure to reach the highest and best possible outcome for ALL people, and instead creates a hierarchical class system, high costs of living, and disjointed families unable to be emotionally present for our children. Greed is the cause of our problems. The SOLUTION: We must assert it is the people’s right to develop land for multigenerational benefit and collective sovereign use for all people, and as such, we must develop regenerative investment plans that allow developers to participate at the will of the people. In strong accordance with this principle, we will organically arrive at the maximum-outcome solutions based on the Reality that we have no scarcity of resources, and with this comes the bare minimum standards of building in a completely earth-resonant manner: net-zero, carbon-sequestering, biofield optimizing, profit-sharing income-generating, rain-water-capturing, smart-water-reuse, including natural air flow HVAC systems and optimal sunlight designs. This is how we become a city that can claim to be ecologically conscious as well as innovatively egalitarian with equitable housing access. We will need a variety of methods to acquire housing access, including but not limited to: Standard Purchase to Own Titles, Build-To-Own, and Contribute-to-Lease Equity Programs. We will need to offer 1st option Right-To-Return for All Indigenous Peoples with native roots to this region, as well as to displaced Austinites and their family lines within the century. This will include access to the Urban Core, as well as New Sovereign Single Family Developments equitably spread across every council district, and with ample access to public transit. The entire plan will result in Debt-Free, Utility-Bill-Free, Rent-Free, neighborhoods. This is one very brief example of how housing can contribute to our overall effort to Eliminate Costs of Living through Smart System Design, while Maximizing Quality of Life for ALL people, regardless of preexisting net worth. In a city of only 1,000,000 people, we need to increase our probabilities of success by liberating every single person from the wage clock. The idea is to provide a system of Universal Resource Access, so that in order to obtain the most basic of amenities, all an individual must do is contribute a minimum effort (3 hours per week) toward the greater good through a system of Contributionism projects. It will take a transition period of about 10-12 years maximum, but once we employ the full range of whole-system adaptations, we will make all of the following areas of our society FREE to ALL people: Water, Food, Housing, Transportation, Energy, Education & Telecommunications. We will become the first city on the planet to catalyze such a system, as this trend of abundance and universal resources is coming, one way or another. The cities who adopt this first will have the technological and entrepreneurial edge and be better positioned to remain resilient amongst coming global changes. This is an evolved form of capitalism, since we will shift the accumulation and trade of currency into the areas of meritocracy, innovation, arts, and entertainment. When we attain Universal Resource Access for 1,000,000 people, every single one of us can become entrepreneurial solutions-creators to solve the world’s problems, of which there are a great many we need to address. This is the only known way to resolve the affordability issue for good, with immediate and long term benefit, by addressing the root cause and eliminating that barrier. The city failed to produce any land development code rewrites because they attempted to do it large-scale. What we need is a Step By Step Land Development Rewrite process, where we address each issue ONE at a time. We “lay one brick perfectly each day.” This way we can assess the work done through the CodeNEXT process, and in order of most urgently needed, find consensus and pass each item one by one. This way we can see immediate results on projects happening now. More broadly, we should aim to make our land use code constantly adaptable, fluidly meeting the real-time needs and evolution of building and development. We learn new things every single job that goes up, and so our code department should constantly be studying the data, coordinating with builders, and updating the council on recommended adjustments. This process should be open sourced and directly linked to meet the maximum expression of abundance for all people. We do need to address the code now, and the first item we need to change, that sadly no one has proposed in any of the drafts, is to Mandate that ALL new construction be net-zero, carbon-sequestering, rain-water-capturing, smart-water-reuse, natural air-flowing, sunlight and biofield optimizing designs. This is a reasonable mandate, since it follows the non-aggression principle of ensuring no sovereignty is ever violated, including that of the soil, the rivers, the air, and all the living creatures we share Earth with.