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The Asian American community is extraordinarily diverse. Many recent Asian American immigrants who have come to this region to build new lives and participate in the American Dream require assistance in understanding the services provided by city, the county and the state, as well as local laws, disaster preparation and emergency response. In other parts of the country, including the District of Columbia, New York City, Salt Lake City and Quincy, MA, they have appointed dedicated staff to assist Asian American communities. Are you in support for translation support for key city / county / state documents to assist these immigrants in selected languages with the greatest reach into these communities?

Yes. We would seek to assemble teams of citizen delegates who are bilingual and vetted for their
qualifications in regards to international awareness and emotional intelligence, as well as thorough local
knowledge, and incentivize them with free utilities, tax exemptions, and/or other benefits for fulfilling
this vital service to our tribe. There always creative ways of working together!