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The City of Austin and Travis County have a goal of reflecting the ethnic diversity of the community they serve; however, less than 1% of city or county executives are Asian Americans. Will you regularly monitor the numbers of employed Asian Americans in diversity reports, and can you describe how you could help to close the gap when necessary? And would you consider meeting with Asian American leaders to review progress in this area?

Listening to Asian American leaders is step One, as mentioned above.

As we develop habits of self-accountability and strong Service-based workplace-culture Auditing, we will
know exactly how we need to adjust our city staff to meet the most current and relevant needs of our
city. I imagine that we will be recruiting from the many talented leaders across the Asian American

I would like to work with city manager in how we can engage the community as the Chief Executive of
the Auditing process. There is a likely probability of building a mechanism through which we can
constantly derive the observational adjustments needed directly from independent community
authority. In other words, the people are the monitor, and we find a way to make it optimally efficient,
just, equitable.