There has been an epidemic of gun violence in the schools around the country and nothing concrete has been done to change the trajectory of this violence. If elected / re-elected, what steps do you plan to propose to protect children and innocent citizens from any further violence?

Short Term Common Sense Protections – Any proposed common sense policy that could make our
community safer, we should implement ASAP. It’s important for us to remember that anything can be
weaponized, so policies should be aimed at providing reasonable protections and safe guards that can
be immediately adopted for violence-prevention measures. These must fit within the pre-established
agreements regarding Constitutional rights, recognizing that in our municipal context, Constitutional
duties of the city require us to make adapted agreements for safety when necessary. Given our recent
few years, it’s very clear we need to get serious about violence prevention at the root cause.

Long Term Prevention First through Emotional Intelligence and Self Awareness – The issue of violence
in our society is the habitual behavior of a damaged heart. We manifest violent outbursts through our
collective neglect and unawareness of quantum entanglement. Simply, we act violently because we don’t see another option. Violence is a result of a limited perspective, a narrowly distracted
consciousness. Once we re-learn what we know about the universe and the power of our Being, we will
treat each other with a higher level of respect and honor. In a way, this is the defining issue of our time.
Our entire planet is constantly on the anxious edge of probable cataclysmic destruction and ecological
catastrophe, self-inflicted at that! Our sisters and brothers are under constant barrage of violence and
abuse, an utter lack of gratitude for the miracle of life. It is a behavior that some believe is inherent in
our nature. I do not believe this. I believe we are all good by nature, and it is our collective agreement
field, or shared dream, version of reality, that torments the heart into destructive behavior, as
manifested toward the self and others. This is an unfortunate truth gleaned from our shared human
experience of the past several thousand years on earth. One of the most documented in this violence
comes from the European colonial influence, the monarchy model of controlling land, resources, and
people. This can likely be traced back to the violent eradication of the medicine people, the indigenous
pagan traditions of Europe. The Earth wisdom and Divine Feminine energy, Mother Earth wisdom, was
violently suppressed by the fearful church tyrants, the fiefdom patriarchal lords. There was great
confusion in many other parts of the world, but because Europe brought their thousands of years of
repressed humanity with them across every continent, they brought a destructive mentality of finite,
scarce, extraction and violence across the world. They established governing systems around the planet.
These systems violently and intentionally eradicated entire indigenous societiesin the process. What
wisdom might we have forgotten from those indigenous ways of living? What might we still be able to
learn about the very land we stand on today? Since in reality the colonial era shifted our global
behavior, we remain in operation under the same fundamental structures of banking, minerals,
shipping, and land development that the colonial empires established. It is this structure that keeps
masses of people economically excluded, racially and culturally oppressed, and blocked from crucial
resources required for maximum wellness. This absence of basic needs being met is incredibly traumatic
for children. When parents are not able to be fully aware and present due to their own trauma, mental
illness, and most often financial struggles, the children are left to society to mentor them. A society that
is also comprised of masses in daily struggle for basic needs. A distracted and damaged village to raise
the children… Our media can be incredibly influential in ways we haven’t yet acknowledged; Our
schools have become hinderingly institutionalized, and quite simply we have failed to honor the miracle
that is every single Child’s presence. Each of them are special, and when everyone is treated with value,
respect, dignity, abundant inclusion, and tons of love, we will no longer raise generations of humans
with a damaged and limited consciousness. When we achieve Universal Basic Resources and Eliminate
Cost of Living, and Focus on Maximum Vitality Wellness for ALL people, we will be investing in the
emotional intelligence and the peaceful cooperation of future generations. Violence will be the least
appealing perceived choice in anyone’s mind when we truly have a free and abundant society. It
is not one individual’s fault why we don’t already behave this way. It is the collective responsibility as a
tribe to make sure our young people are well cared for. ALL the people. We reveal our true selves by
how we treat the weakest among us, the poorest, the youngest, the least prepared. It’s time for us to
include all people and make sure everyone feels like a member of our family. Again, Austin does not
exist in a vacuum, which is why we have this opportunity NOW with this election to BEGIN the process
of showing the world what true community can accomplish! The planet needs us to vibrate at a higher
frequency of love behavior; this is crucial to avoiding horrible wars. We need to do this in Austin, so we
can catalyze a global shift.