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Transportation problems affect all Austinites including Asian Americans who use the busy / clogged roads and highways and those who need mass transportation to address their mobility needs. The mayor and his staff have reached out to the Asian American community to seek their participation, feedback and support in solving mobility issues starting with the upcoming bond election: Will you commit to working with the Asian American community to include their needs as part of a solution that satisfies the needs of all Austinites now and in the future?

Of course. This is crucial. Frankly, our transportation infrastructure construction process is pathetically
slow and dangerous. It sure makes for cynical humor to ease the frustration, but more importantly it
results in serious inequities. When displaced people, or any commuters have to pass through
construction zones, it takes much more time out of their days. Time is money. Time is also health. This
translates to hours and hours that people are away from their children, their passions, their side
business they’re trying to get started, political and civic events, community gatherings, and simple time
to their spiritual selves! It all adds up, and we’re not addressing this problem with enough urgency!
We need a Rapid Acceleration of Transportation Infrastructure construction. I believe we can massively
accelerate the completion of much needed transit projects, simply by using incentives and cooperation.
We can assemble (a) Citizen Volunteers – any able person willing to contribute and be incentivized
abundantly for it (b) Contribution Leaders – industry workers who know how to train and lead teams &
(c) Expert Specialists – Engineers, Designers, and Project Coordinators. In exchange for being a Citizen
Volunteer, households will receive Free Electricity for a number of months/years, Public and/or
Engraved Recognition of Contribution to Society, Tax Exemptions, and/or Discounts and Amenities to
Local Services (any incentive we all agree is appropriate and will mobilize equitably) . We can recruit
10,000+ of Citizen Volunteers, and organize them into Highly Specialized Teams to perform Micro-Tasks.
Over the course of 12-15 weekends, they learn the very simple skills, protocol, safety, and techniques to
successfully execute the very simple task as led by the Contribution Leaders (who are also incentivized).
The Expert Specialists prepare the construction plan this way, as to maximize the availability and labor
power of our Citizen Volunteer Power. It is very possible with this system that we can build bridges,
tunnels, train tracks and stations, multi-level, pedestrian highways, bike trails, and build a system that
prevents any and all traffic fatalities, faster than we previously thought possible. We want to build the
easiest city to get around in, to breathe clean and fresh air in, and to never worry about being killed
while transiting through! True equitable mobility is ensuring the ability for all to freely travel anywhere
and be safe while doing so.

I do believe that high speed magneto-electric trains, autonomous smart pods, zero-emission vehicles,
constant flow traffic, multi-level city streets are needed to truly become a city that never has traffic. I do
believe the maximum outcome is possible, and it’s directly within our reach, we just need a truly
cooperative and multi-generational mindset.