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As Austin grows in size, stature and economic strength, sustainability becomes a topic of ever- increasing emphasis to all Austinites: Would you support Austin’s drive in such areas as greater use of renewable energy and in reducing Austin’s carbon footprint, etc.?

We are proposing the most accelerated and equitable transition to 100% renewable energy ever
proposed on the planet. We plan to transfer the ownership of the entire utility system to the collective
ownership of all present and future generations, through a system of incentivized asset transfers and
cooperative industry repositioning. We must ensure that our transition to a more ecologically
responsible reality does not economically isolate anyone from our society. Those who will be displaced
must be included, and those previously excluded must be integrated. We are confident we can reach
100% renewable energy by 2022 with full public support and no negative unintended consequences.

We also must call out our hypocrisy and transition our system away from environmental toxins and
ecologically destructive land development methods. The truth is that most of our cleaning products,
pharmaceutical drugs, processed food additives, fertilizers and hormones are poisoning our bodies, our
waters, our soil, and fractally mirrored in the way we build ecologically damaging buildings. This
presents a major opportunity for the people of the Austin Cooperative People-Owned Profit-Sharing
Business Trust to innovate crucial solutions for human wellness and survival on Earth, by successfully
employing the solutions to meet our own crucial needs for change.

Our city has failed entirely to accomplish this imperative, despite having known it’s urgency for
decades. NOW, more than ever, we need NEW ideas and cooperative leadership on this most relevant
of responsibilities.

We also must point out one MAJOR oversight and failure of our entire American electrical grid system.
We are all under grave and constant threat of electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) attack, which would
catastrophically destroy all our major water, electrical, food, and supplies systems, causing mass panic,
starvation and depopulation. Our leadership has failed to ensure our resiliency by relying on
thermodynamic energy technologies that are vulnerable to EMP attack. We now are aware of already
proven and available quantum energy technology that is EMP resistant, and will ensure our
infrastructure remains strong and under astronomically lower risk. Our public safety and survival
demand us to change our leadership priorities.