The Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce is a key organization supporting Asian American businesses in Austin and in their outreach to Asian countries as evidenced by their support of the mayor’s recent trip to Asia. Do you agree to work with GAACC at the city or county level to promote economic development of the city at large and Asian American businesses?

Of course. Cooperative Innovation and Resource Sharing is of great International Importance.
Now, at this time of rapid acceleration, we must reach out to our sisters and brothers abroad
and share any innovations that will similarly benefit their experience. Any city’s liberation and
abundance cannot survive in a vacuum; we are all closely interrelated in our experience
together on Earth; what effects any city effects all cities. We must remember the power of
cooperation and evolve beyond the incomplete Darwinian perspective! With our Historic Platform Proposals for the City of Austin, we can become the epicenter of Innovation and International Future Design, and a beacon of Hope for Absolute Abundance across the entire planet. When we liberate ourselves from an extraction economy and Build a resilient and regenerative ABUNDANCY, the millions who live here will no longer be imprisoned to a wage clock, and free to innovate beyond our wildest imaginations. The path toward true security, liberation & sovereignty is in our ability to cooperate during a transition toward DE-commodified, Universal Basic Resources. We will build a sustainable system, a Cooperative People-Owned Trust, wherein Water, Food, Health Care, Housing, Energy, Transportation, Education and Telecommunications are provided FREE through a collective, decentralized and equal ownership, not taxation and redistribution. Any living citizen of the municipality is an
equal owner in the Trust Network. Immediately we can begin by incentivizing contributions,
investment, and resources to build this system in parallel to our current system. One by one, we
will transition smoothly, and ultimately ELIMINATE COST OF LIVING. This is the new paradigm
we must move toward or we will not be able to sustain growth of populations and resource
management. We must, over time, as quickly as possible, shift capital markets into the realms of
creativity and innovation, & recreational activities. We must divorce the need for money as the
access point to survival (basic human resources). Money can become a tool for expression of
creations. We no longer live in a time of ignorance, dogmatic controls, centralized monarchs,
and scarcity-driven, amygdala-dominant violence. We have Google Maps, and we can see the
entire planet. There is no shortage of resources on Earth to sustain many billions of people and
still regenerate the ecosystem. We have the tools and the consciousness, now we must make
the choice. It’s time to actually increase our international ambassadorship and get more
involved with cooperative initiatives to create solutions for the worlds problems. We have the
plan that will free up millions of Austinites’ time and energy so they can use their passions to
become the Solutions Creators who will solve planetary survival issues for the species.

How will this plan effect currently operating businesses?

Everyone will win, and no one will lose. We will develop a system of maximum incentive for
maximum benefit to everyone in our society. Cost will go down, profits will go up. People will
thrive. Workers will be happier, healthier, more productive, and clients will be more abundantly
engaging. Our whole system gets better when we prioritize incentives instead of penalties. We will build a system of immediate and long term benefits for everyone, plus permanent, multi-
generational betterment for humanity.