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Mental health is often cited as a root cause, so what do you plan to propose to address this issue? The plight of individuals covered under DACA is precarious and uncertain with no certainty of a solution in the near future: Please describe what steps you envision that you plan to take, if any, that includes the needs of Asian Americans and those from other countries who are caught in the DACA trap.

All immigrants caught in the crosshairs of the muddled and ineffective citizenship process deserve an
opportunity to become officially recognized and fully respected members of our community. Everyone is
native to Earth, and deserves maximum respect, simply by being alive. Our policies toward immigration
are also resulted from the legacy of colonialism, and in many cases violate fundamental sovereign rights
as people indigenous to Earth. However, we are hopeful there are solutions to this broken system, both
established by Constitutional and municipal authority, creative and incentivized cooperation, and the
advocacy for legislative change on the State and Federal level.

I am prepared to fulfill the duties as per the City Charter, to uphold the laws of the Texas Constitution
and US Constitution and assert on behalf the people of AUSTIN, TEXAS to declare it their right to
maintain sovereign authority over the land, resources and infrastructure, as our duty to keep the city
and Beings safe and prosperous. The people are those who give the authority to the state to begin with,
and when the people choose to invite other indigenous Earth-humans to participate in our society, we
have that right to do so. It is our collective and civic responsibility to uphold the laws and agreements of
our municipally sovereign land area, as established in consensus by the people, to ensure all liberties are
respected and everyone has maximum protected freedoms.

We have proposed a solution to immigration on our website here: