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Affordable housing is a major problem in Austin. Large numbers of people who work in Austin cannot afford to live in Austin. Many families are moving outside the city to find affordable housing. Do you have any ideas to help create more affordable housing or to make existing housing more affordable?

Rich DePalma

City Council, District 8

As the city continues to grow, so do our affordability and housing needs. There are a number of ideas about what we can do as a city to assist families that are being displaced. These include:

1) Expanding community land trusts and ensure that a range of multifamily housing types can be included.

2) Continuing to Leverage the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program. Our city could do more to ask developers to include more affordable housing units that target 40-50% MFI households, as opposed to only 80% MFI households.

3) Fixing the permitting system so that residents do not need a lobbyist or attorney to be able to apply for a building permit.

4) Updating our land development code so that more diverse types of housing units can be built throughout the city on smaller lots.

5) Utilizing existing City of Austin property to create multifamily housing at different MFI levels.

6) Identifying any additional funding needed for emergency rental assistance.

7) Purchasing additional land for land banking in future areas of growth. 8) Considering the recommendations being made by the Anti-Displacement Task Force.