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Solutions to homelessness exist – they require scaling up social services and housing programs, including the pathways from shelter to housing. To date, Austin has not identified adequate funding to address this challenge. How would you work to identify the funding needed?

Rich DePalma

City Council, District 8

I support traditional and innovative funding solutions to address transitional and permanent housing needs with the goal of long-term stability. In order to meet the financing challenges, we will need to leverage bond funding, public private partnerships, HUD funding, Low Income Housing Tax Credits, a new land development code, and other tools that present themselves. The City of Austin has strong partnerships with HousingWorks Austin and their community partners. We need to fast track the ability for our partners to implement solutions. In addition to housing, we must also consider access to healthcare, food, utilities, childcare options, education, and employment opportunities in order to truly address the needs of all Austinites.