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Do you support a budget at the effective tax rate so home and business owners continue to benefit from the “growth dividend” and pay the same amount in property taxes as in the previous fiscal year? How do we balance this strategy with meeting the needs of people struggling to access services due to a lack of service capacity? How do you prioritize additional funding? Where would you look for efficiencies? (Y/N; Explain)

Rich DePalma

City Council, District 8

No I support the preliminary budget discussion starting at the effective tax rate but I do not support a blanket commitment to a final budget at the effective tax rate. Although the idea of an effective tax rate is appealing, the fact is that the city continues to grow at an incredible rate, costs such as health care and pay continue to rise, and as our city grows so does the need for public safety, maintenance of our infrastructure, and services provided to the public. These services not only include social services but also services that directly tie to our economic growth.