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Rising property taxes are a growing concern. There are a number of people who believe taxes are high because the city provides not only essential city services (police, fire, etc.) but non-essential services (social service contracts, education funding, etc.) If elected, how would you prioritize what is or is not an essential city service?

Lewis Conway Jr.

City Council, District 1

Firstly, we aren’t in agreement that essential city services are the drivers for rising property taxes. We believe property assessment and market valuation are the causes, but we the premise of the question in regards to services deserves to be addressed.

We view the issue of services through the lens of parity for city residents vs newly annexed residents. We must employ budget processes, that eliminate the risks associated with contracted services and ensure tax levy parity between the city residents and newly annexed taxpayers, however service levels for folks in Deep East Austin should not be impacted and should be prioritized.