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In a recent poll, residents of Austin cited rising property taxes as a major issue they face, iconic business are having to close their doors and longtime residents are moving out citing rising property taxes. Some have also cited homelessness as an impediment to business. How would you slow or stop the increase in City property taxes, encourage other taxing entities to do the same, and balance the requests for more funding coming from the City Departments and the public? One example of the request of more funding is to expand social service contracts to meet needs, including to provide more supportive housing programs. How do you balance less taxes and increased demand for social services? Please explain.

Lewis Conway Jr.

City Council, District 1

Lack of healthcare and healthcare facilities are debilitating socially and economically to the people of East Austin. We believe our DistriCare plan, a pilot universal healthcare program for East Austin residents, will eliminate this long standing inequity. Secondly, property taxes have driven and are driving folks out of their neighborhoods, communities and homes. We will address this issue by advocating to keep our taxes in our schools and our city. Finally, we must work to not only reduce crime, but the conditions that create it. We must end cash bail, treat arrests as a last resort, and support treatment over incarceration. We can keep families together and communities safe by rethinking our criminal justice system and its impact on families, communities, and our city.