Do you support Austin voters securing their right to vote on CodeNEXT or any comprehensive​ development code overhaul — Proposition J on the November ballot? (Note: Passage of Proposition J does not mean that all code changes come to a public vote – only a comprehensive code overhaul, whether it’s called CodeNEXT or something else.) Rate your support on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most support and 1 being the least.

Jessica Cohen

City Council, District 3

District 3 has a problem with gentrification. You only have to drive down Cesar Chavez or Riverside to see that. I fully support neighborhood preservation and the abatement of gentrification into the east side. I’ve researched this thoroughly and it doesn’t seem as if case law has really ever decided one way or another on the legality of voters making a decision on zoning ordinances but, if Save Our Springs was able to halt overzealous developers with a vote, it’s something we need to insist on before any major zoning rewrites. The only thing I would insist on is that the public be fully informed before voting. I read the third draft of codenext and it was more convoluted than a hamster maze.

Rate your support: 10