Will you refrain from supporting any economic development projects that do not adhere to a 90% local hiring requirement​, unless they are related to addressing a security threat to the Austin area? (Note: 2014 Candidates Steve Adler and Greg Casar approved this idea in ChangeAustin.org’s candidate questionnaire. To our knowledge, neither have attempted to fulfill this promise.) Rate your support on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most support and 1 being the least.

Jessica Cohen

City Council, District 3

This is a tough question and one that I’m not sure is feasible. Austin’s unemployment rate is 2.9%. I would say that I would agree to this as long as it was possible. I know at my day job, we are having problems finding software developers and linux system admins and are about to start looking outside of Austin. I’m sure this crunch is being felt city wide.

Rate your support: 5