How can the City better work with Austin’s tech community to bring innovative approaches to civic challenges?

Ann Kitchen

City Council, District 5

Both the city and the tech community need to be proactive, reaching out to each other and engaging on civic challenges. I look forward to inviting participation by the tech community in problem-solving with the city through special projects, boards and commissions, and other opportunities. The following are just two examples, in addition to the city’s continued support for South by Southwest Conference.

  • I have been excited to support the Paper Census project, which is a key community partnership to help the city reach our Smart City goals. Paper Census is Austin Tech Alliance’s ongoing collaboration with the City of Austin to identify paper-based processes that are a hassle for Austin residents and then research, design, and deliver digital prototypes. The city needs to actively engage the experience, expertise, and creativity of our tech community to help us reach our smart city goals.
  • The city can also take the next step to pilot and then implement use of new technology solutions identified through initiatives like the Smart City Challenge. Cloud 9 and ResilentGrid were the two technology start-ups selected in the August competition, both of which offer opportunities for Austin. I appreciated the chance to participate in the Challenge – these activities provide a real opportunity for innovative startups to learn more about Austin and show the community how technology can make our city better for all residents.