What do you see as the City’s responsibility toward addressing the digital divide in Austin, and what steps would you take to bridge that divide?

Ann Kitchen

City Council, District 5

The city has a responsibility to address the digital divide in Austin, and work with community nonprofits like Austin FreeNet to address barriers to technology access. The 10-1 Council could benefit from an update to the 2014 Digital Inclusion Strategic Plan, to identify additional steps we should be taking to effectively implement this plan. In addition to requesting an update, I plan to work with our Community Technology and Telecommunications Commission to identify next steps.

The City’s 2014 Digital Inclusion Strategic Plan lays out the roadmap that addresses access and adoption of digital technology within Austin. The Digital Inclusion Strategy is based upon the outcomes of the Austin Digital Assessment, a residential technology usage study conducted every three years, that evaluates and assesses residents’ access to technology resources and literacy and training programs.