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What policies will you advocate to accommodate and welcome the full abundance and diversity of people who aspire to live in Austin’s neighborhoods?

Amit Motwani

City Council, District 3

Austin’s demographic landscape is rapidly changing due to population influx/efflux and economic investment. The core beliefs I will support in a policy framework include: 1) working through the lens of the Mayor’s Task Force Report on Institutional Racism and Systemic Inequity which documents Austin’s racist history of mandating that people of color live in the then undesirable industrial “east side” of the City. 2) prioritizing existing residents’ and local businesses’ ability to stay in the communities they enrich 3) understanding that growth is inevitable, and therefore a priority will be to be ahead of planning density equitably across all districts and also do the same by following the Strategic Housing Blueprint to develop affordable housing stock. Neighborhood associations will need to play a lead role in this process, and engagement across other stakeholder groups is compulsory and must be actively stewarded by council members. 4) Direct affordability measures will always begin with allowable tax relief for seniors and other longtime homeowners whose incomes may not be reflective of current real estate value. 5) Additional relief for lower-income households will be supported by improved navigation of and investment in private nonprofit social service contracts to ease household costs in other areas (rent/utilities payment assistance, quality childcare, health screenings, transportation/vouchers for med appointments, counseling/mental health support, job skills training, and similar supports).