What policies will you advocate to address the increasingly unaffordable housing, transportation, and utility costs that are economically segregating our neighborhoods?

Amit Motwani

City Council, District 3

1. I support the entire bond package on the ballot, specifically, propositions A and E, which model investments in affordable housing and social service improvements as detailed in the following points
2. Continue to promote property tax relief for vulnerable homeowner groups including seniors and long-time residents
3. Increase deeply affordable and affordable housing supply—develop immediately (or ASAP) on publicly available land for affordable housing.
4. Dramatically increase human service investments: health care, transportation, high quality child care, food insecurity, preventive health screenings, social service needs, low cost/low-interest loans.
5. Strong focus on policy that increases access to public high quality child care 6. Improved access to economic opportunity through coordinated efforts for relevant job skills training