Please tell us briefly about your recent experience with riding a bike. How many times have you ridden in the past month? The past year?

Amit Motwani

City Council, District 3

On average I typically ride three times a week from Montopolis to Barton Springs after work (during spring summer) and would do so more for commuting if I had a shower at the office (another initiative I’m pushing in my executive capacity there). I’ve ridden every type of bike in Austin over my last 23 years here; I’ve put three into circulation (i.e. had them stolen), and my current daily driver– a composite of my years of riding in Austin–is a single speed 29er with non aggressive geometry that enables me to sit back and enjoy my surroundings with the election to pump when I need to. When I ride, my bike feels like an extension of my body. My recent experiences are a bit sour, given the disrepair and construction going on in my area; however the cooler weather coupled with reduced campaigning duties will surely bring me back out to weather the inconveniences and participate in the commuting and recreational sport that I love so dearly. I support Bike Austin’s work to ensure that our city provides as many access points as possible to increase exposure to the benefits of biking–experience the time and space around you, sounds and smells, natural beauty, healthily engaging the body while also achieving transportation goals in the most efficient balance of beauty and pragmatism–not to mention the lovely metaphor of the cycle itself. More exposure= more riders, less congestion, more understanding drivers, and happier populace. Thank y’all for stewarding this.