Do you support the implementation of dedicated, protected bicycle facilities on East Riverside Drive?

Amit Motwani

City Council, District 3

Yes. Now more than ever with the terrible bridge situation in Guerrero Park (not connecting the baseball fields to hike and bike) compounded by incorrigible 183 construction-related detours on Montopolis that make it a nearly suicidal (death by vehicle, road/sidewalk inadequacies, or quicksand) to attempt to commute downtown by bicycle (or anywhere out of Montopolis, for that matter). Those “temporary” inadequacies aside (I understand the larger plan), it’s clear that E Riverside is home to a very diverse group of populations that like to leverage bicycling for a variety of reasons–e.g. cost, efficiency, density pragmatism, healthy way of life. The lack of infrastructure is a huge disincentive to do so, and it’s also damn dangerous out there on a bicycle, and it’s our moral imperative to solve for an issue when folks are being injured and killed by drunk and otherwise unsafe drivers. On this note, I support current council’s work to allocate funding to improve this matter, and I support the the transportation portion (Prop G) of the upcoming bond package on the ballot.