Austin’s Bicycle Master Plan has spurred the development of hundreds of miles of bike lanes and street safety improvements throughout the city. These improvements have calmed traffic and created an affordable, healthy transportation option for Austinites. Do you support the full funding and implementation of Austin’s Bicycle Master Plan?

Amit Motwani

City Council, District 3

Yes. I have lived in Austin for 23 years and having consistently utilized many forms of transportation, including being an avid commuting cyclist, I personally understand and fully support the vision of the Master Plan. I’ve seen first hand the growth of need for infrastructure around bicycling that has accompanied our population growth, both from the standpoint of safety and congestion mitigation. Any pragmatic effort to reduce or solve for congestion in Austin must unequivocally visualize a stronger infrastructure for multi-modal transportation (comprehensive improvements including that address sidewalks and public transit) with bicycling as an integral element.