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Given that the market produces the majority of all Austin housing, how do you suggest we enable the market to build more attainable housing for families and individuals currently priced out of our market, but earning more than 80% MFI?

Amit Motwani

City Council, District 3

  • Maintain focus on 80-120% MFI households. The plurality that represents 121+% MFI is far less
    likely to be priced out of market
  • Increased navigation of, funding for, and access to educational programs and financial
    assistance programs, including low-interest loans and financial counseling provided by
    Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) that may assist in easing other angles of
  • Strategic legislative policy agenda and/or working with local institutions and leveraging public
    private partnerships to improve access to high quality early childhood education (e.g. full day
    pre-K for 3 and 4 year olds), again, to ease another angle of affordability as high quality child care
    is among the highest cost burdens for all families across the income spectrum.
  • Strategic legislative policy agenda in concert with other local governments to support “legislation
    to allow flat dollar-amount Homestead Exemptions”
  • “Create a preservation property tax exemption for properties to minimize displacement of
    low-income renters”
  • “Expand the use of shared-equity ownership and mechanisms to preserve and create ownership
    options for households at 80-120% MFI”

(Quotations taken directly from Austin Strategic Housing Blueprint, 2017)