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With Council’s decision to end CodeNEXT, how do you envision moving forward to update Austin’s land development code?

Amit Motwani

City Council, District 3

  • Examine a thorough post mortem of CodeNext Process as likely guided by City Manager ensure that future process is guided by recommendations from the same
  • Locate and develop best-practice models for stakeholder engagement–particularly within this context, and ensure that the community engagement element of the process id refined and front-loaded for success
  • Involve stakeholders in establishment of metrics for success (e.g. what are the qualities of a successful compromise, and how do we measure those indicators rto demonstrate a successful compromise?).
  • Operate from the paradigm that code can create a framework for affordability, but ultimately policy and fiat are the strongest tools to “create” affordability
  • Recognizing the above bullet (i.e. interim remedies available through policy), honor patience in the process.